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You have probably searched images on the web and probably came across the file formats WEBP and JPG. We will discuss what are those formats and which one is best for different use cases.

WEBP is a newer format that was developed by Google and boasts some impressive efficiency improvements over other formats. Specifically, it's designed to produce smaller file sizes and faster loading times, which can be great for website performance.

On the other hand, JPG is a more established format that's been around for a while and is widely supported by most devices and software.


Why do you need WEBP image?

The most important reason to have a WEBP image is its file size. The file size of the WEBP image is comparatively smaller than the PNG image. Both PNG and WEBP image formats support transparency.

However, the file size of the JPG image is lesser than the WEBP image. If the image if not transparent, it is better to convert it to JPG format.

If you have an image with transparency, we will recommend using our png to webp converter. You will get less file size.

Why do you need JPG image?

JPG files are smaller in size. It is widely supported by most of the devices. JPG images are smaller in size and good for photographs.

JPG images don't support transparency, it means you need to use editing software like Adobe photoshop for cut outs. Don't worry, we have created a background remover tool perfectly for these purposes.


Frequently asked questions

What will be the output format?

When you convert form WEBP to JPG, you will get a JPG image. It will have a .jpg extension.


Will there be change in quality?

No, we will not reduce the image quality when you convert the image from WEBP to JPG.


Upto how many resolution you will support?

Our JPG to WEBP converter will easily able to convert upto 4k images.


How many images can I convert per day?

You can upload and convert unlimited images per day 😊.