Getting Started

To remove background from api, you will need an api key.

We are currently in beta, contact to get your free api key.




You will need to send the following parameters in POST request in the above URL.

task_group Your unique uuidv4 key to track the processing task
original_image Binary image file
# Request sample

  "task_group": "5b097982-cd39-45a9-a7fe-b923ea9eb588",  # Generate your uuidv4 string (Warning: Don't use this same UUID)
  "original_image": "Your image file"


How to get background removed image?

You can make a websocket connection to the Erase BG server to watch the processing task.


let webSocket = new WebSocket("wss://{Your task group}/");

webSocket.onmessage = (event) => {

webSocket.onopen = () => {
        "key":  "{Image key received after uploading the image}"