why illustration stuck

why illustration stuck

Lack of understanding

Some people may not fully understand the time and effort that goes into creating illustrations. They may view it as a simple or easy form of art that doesn't require as much skill as other types of art.

Limited exposure

Illustrations are often associated with children's books or cartoons, which may lead some people to believe that they are not as sophisticated or mature as other types of art. Additionally, some people may not have been exposed to high-quality illustrations and may not be aware of the full range of what is possible with this art form.

Cultural biases

In some cultures, illustrations may not be as highly valued or respected as other types of art. This may lead to a lack of investment or recognition for illustrators and their work.

Despite these challenges, there are many talented illustrators who create stunning and meaningful works of art. Illustrations can be found in a variety of contexts, including advertising, graphic novels, and fine art, and they have the power to evoke strong emotional responses and convey complex ideas.