Novel AI: A new way of writing Novels

Novel AI is a new artificial inteligence based tool for writing high quality novels. Now you can easily write high quality articles with Novel AI.


Novel AI


In Novel AI, you will see a interface like Chat GPT. By clicking on send button you can continue generating your novels.



Can I use Novel AI for free?

You, you can use Novel AI for free. However, we suggest you to create an account to save your work.


Novel AI pricing

Novel AI offers the $10 - $25 range of subscription based on the features. You can also take a free trail.


Novel AI pricing



Novel AI brings the new concept for writing novels. It is a revolutional technology for the writers. 

You can quickly write your novels with the help of Novel AI even if you are new to the novel writing.
You can continue with the free trail and purchase the subscription if you like.

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