How to Use a Background Eraser Tool for Product Photography

In today's world people have less attention time, there are many things online that grabs people attention. Attention of people is very flickering, so keeping attention of people on your product for long time is a difficult task. Using good background remover tool and then good photography skills will make your product stand out on the internet platforms. You will be only succesful on digital market if you are able to grab attention of people.



Here's some steps you can follow to get better results in photography:

  •  First step is to click a good photo of your product, prepare your equipment and workspace. Set up a your camera and manage lighting, selecting the right camera settings. Make sure your subject of image is center of attraction.
  • Second step is to Take your product photos. Position the product on clean area make sure there are no distractions and get the best angle for the shot.
  • Third step is to choose the right background eraser tool. Different webiste uses different types of AI. See result of all the availabe eraser tools online and make a choice.
  • Fourth step is to edit the photos using the background eraser tool. Use different eraser modes to remove the background from the product image.

  • Fifth step is to adjust the final image. See if any final touches that may be necessary, such as color correction or retouching

When working with product photography, It's also important to keep in mind the final resolution and size of the image. Background eraser can cause loss of quality of an image, if background erasing is not done with precision and care. Therefore, it's important to have a high resolution image, and working on a copy of the original image and keeping multiple undo steps.

Overall, the background eraser tool is a powerful and essential tool for product photographers. It allows them to easily remove backgrounds and place products on new backgrounds, creating professional and polished images that highlight the product's best features.