How to remove white background from image

Are you tired of dealing with unsightly white backgrounds on your images? Whether you're a graphic designer looking to create a logo, a marketer looking to create a watermark, or just someone who wants to remove the background from a personal photo, we've got you covered! With Erase BG, a user-friendly website, you can easily and quickly remove the background from any image, no matter the file format. In just a few seconds, you'll have a transparent image ready to use for all your design needs. Keep reading to learn how to remove the white background from your image with ease!

When you want to take the background out of a picture, using Photoshop is one way to do it. But sometimes it's easier to use a website. With Erase BG you can do it in a very easy way. So, instead of using Photoshop, you can use Erase BG and make the process super easy and quick.

Erase BG can take the background out of any kind of picture, no matter what the file format is. So, you can use it for jpeg, png, gif, or whatever picture you have. Just in a couple of seconds, our website will remove the white background from an image.

Image extensions

Here's how to use Erase BG to remove the white background from an image.

Step 1: Click on choose photo

In this step, you will go to and look for a button that says "Choose Photo", once you find the button you need to click on it to select the image which you want to remove the background from.

Step 2: Select the image with a white background

Click on the "Choose Photo" button, you will be prompted to select the image you want to work with. You need to find the image that has a white background and select it. This is to ensure that the tool will remove the white background from the image you have selected.

Step 3: Preview your image and wait until processing is completed

After you have selected the image, the tool will start processing it to remove the white background. This process can take some time depending on the image size, resolution, and server load. During this step, you will be able to see a preview of the image as it is being processed so you can see the progress. You will need to wait until the processing and the background removal process are finished.

Step 4: Download the image

After the processing is completed and the background is removed successfully, you will have the option to download the image with high-quality. This can be done by clicking on a button that says "Download HD" and saving the image in png format if that option is available. Once you have clicked the button, the image will be downloaded to your device with high-quality resolution and with transparent background in png format. which is usually a good format for images with transparent backgrounds.


Is it a free tool?

Erase BG is a free website that makes it easy to remove backgrounds from images. There's no need to pay for anything or worry about any hidden costs. It's easy to use and you don't have to be an expert to understand how to use it.

The website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, so you can quickly and easily remove backgrounds from images. The results are perfect, fast, and accurate. It's a great tool for anyone who needs to remove backgrounds from images, whether you're a professional graphic designer or just need to remove backgrounds from images for personal use.

With Erase BG, you can easily and quickly create transparent images that can be used in a wide range of applications. Overall, Erase BG is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a free and easy way to remove backgrounds from images.


Erase BG is a website that helps you take the background out of pictures. You can use it with any type of picture, and it makes the process very easy and fast. You don't have to be a professional or spend a lot of time doing it. It helps you to take out backgrounds from one picture at a time, so you can't take out scenes from multiple pictures at the same time. However, it's still super useful for when you just need to take the background out of one picture quickly and easily.