Character AI

Character AI is a special chat bot technology that aims to replicate the conversational style, knowledge, and even quirks of iconic figures or fictional characters. You can easily get a public figure like response from this bot. You can try character ai by going to:

The Character AI is simple to use and it's interface is like a OpenAI Chat GPT interface.


Character AI Beta

To use character AI beta version, please click on this link.

Character AI demo


How to use Character AI

Please follow below step to use Character AI properly.


Select character

Browse through the characters and select one of the available character.


Character AI


Start conversation

To start conversation, you can either enter chat text or select voice as option. It's simple just like sending sms.


You will get a reply from Character AI like a same person you choose before starting conversation.



Alternatives to Character AI

There are few other alternatives of character AI. Some of them are:

  • SoulGen
  • Promptchan AI
  • Crushon.AI
  • Chai App: Unrestricted Chatbot Experience
  • Janitor AI
  • ChatFAI

You can try these alternatives for different response style.



Character AI is an awesome technology of Generative AI. You can get a chat response by bot like a real person.

It's free to use for all the people.