How to use background remover tool like a pro

Perhaps while using online background remover tool you would have got unsatisfactory result, The reason behind this unsucessful opertation is AI has not been trained properly. Today in this blog we will know about some tips and tricks of how you can use background remover tool like a pro. Here at Erase BG we are committed to give better user expereince to user and we have made huge progress also. But despite this if you dont get expected result follow these tricks for better output


  • Crop your photo to only the subject area which you want to get. Crop out the unncessary area of a photo that you don't require. Doing this it will be clear of AI what the subject area is and it will focus only one that area and you will get better result.
  • Experiment with different settings and options. Many background remover tools offer various settings and options that can affect the accuracy and quality of the final result.  Use different option and settings to achieve the best results.
  • Learn how to touch up areas that were not properly removed. Even the most accurate background remover tools can sometimes leave behind unwanted elements or artifacts.
  •  Batch process images to save time. If you have a large number of images that need to have their backgrounds removed, this section could provide tips on how to use a background remover tool to process them in batch, saving time and effort.