How to remove background from logo

Are you looking to create a sleek and professional logo for your brand? A transparent background can take your logo to the next level, making it easy to use on any website or marketing material. With our background remover tool, you can easily remove the background from your logo in seconds, making your design look more polished and professional. No need to waste time with complicated software, our user-friendly tool is perfect for any level of design experience. Read on to learn how to use our background remover and elevate your logo to new heights.

Step 1: Go to Erase BG

Go to Erase BG's background removal tool:

Click on "choose photo" button and upload your icon with a background.  Wait for few seconds untill your photo is processed completely.

Step 2: Download your transparent icon

Click on "Download HD" button to download your transparent icon.

If you want to download in any other format rather than "png", you can use our Image Converter tool.

Why you need transparent logo?

Having a transparent logo can be a huge advantage for your brand. It allows your logo to seamlessly integrate with different backgrounds, whether it be on a website, social media, business card, or even a billboard. This increases the visibility of your logo and makes it more memorable for your audience.

With a transparent logo, it's easy to make your logo to adapt to different contexts, making it more versatile and applicable in different marketing materials, whether it's print or digital. It also makes it easy to layer your logo over other images and graphics, giving you more flexibility and options in your design work.

In addition, it increases the scalability of your logo and eliminates the need for background removal and adjustment. This can save valuable time and resources for your team.

Overall, a transparent logo can provide your brand with greater flexibility, scalability, and consistency in how it presents itself to the world